Our Folks

Chris Hatton

A veteran of many years in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Trinidad and Singapore, Chris Hatton has earned the respect of his team in many ways. Not only can he perform the duties of crane operator, deck superintendent and all around leader, he also excels in the evaluation of training programs and reviewing the performance of teams. His Army service only added to his life experience and his character.

"I enjoy helping a group of people learn the ins and outs of their duties. Some of my most rewarding assignments have been offshore and with the men working to improve safety performance and deck procedures."

Chris has been active as a manager and has also been a rig based safety and training coordinator (RSTC). He lives in northern Louisiana, but like most of the Angelina Team, works where the client needs us.

"Challenges come in many forms, but we always seem to accomplish the most when the whole team is involved."