Our Folks

Jimmie Hart

You can't make a move from roughneck to emergency medical technician without some work. Jimmy Hart has never been afraid of work or of doing more for his clients and teammates.

Starting out on the floor in drilling and later working on work over rigs, Jimmy increased his education and until recently has been and Emergency Medical Administrator covering rural ermergency care, industrial and large suburban areas. With a combined history in the medical field, undustrial safety and business administration Jimmy has a well rounded history to utilize.

"Leslie knew I intended to get back into the oilfield. We are both happy that the Angelina Group was there when the decision was made. I can make use of all my field and safety background on client projects around the world."

Jimmy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services. As well, Jimmy holds Certification as a Nationally Registered Emergence Medical Technician at the Paramedic level and multipal OSHA certifications.

Jimmy and Leslie live in Colorado and travel when not on assignment.