Our Folks

Kent Swanson

Kent has built and led teams in support of remote field operations from Alaska to Greenland and Antarctica. With degrees in geology, geography and fine art, and extensive experience in management, program development and assessment, Kent has been a key player in several multinational projects as manager, negotiator and liaison with domestic and international civilian and military agencies.

One of his strengths is bringing together diverse groups with wide-ranging requirements and agendas. Kent then completes the plan by designing programs that address all requirements through mutually supportive, respectful, and achievement oriented plans; skillful orchestration that demonstrates pulling on the same rope leads to shared success.

"Creating a team climate cognizant of everyone's needs and expectations is a first and instrumental step in accomplishing safe, efficient and successful projects - as is accepting that 'working together' takes work." Truly a "people first" kind of guy, and one that we are proud to introduce to you and your workforce.

Kent currently resides in Washington State. His interests include remote travel, and performing and visual arts.