Our Folks

Rob Ratchinsky

Robert Ratchinsky has lead teams for oil & gas operators in a wide array of disciplines. He started his career in corporate planning after finishing up his Economics degree in Canada. After working alongside portfolio, marketing, production, and reserves teams he moved into the operations side, focusing specifically on the bond between safety and performance.  With an experienced background in statistics Rob focuses on sharing operational data at the field level, providing crews the information they require to create their own goals and success. 

More importantly, he believes that understanding operational performance is in direct correlation to a crew's ability to work as an entity that places safety for each other above all else. Only a team that can achieve an outstanding level of trust will be able to learn, promote, react and excel in environments as complicated and hazardous as those created by day to day operations in oil & gas. He is fueled by the safety revolution that is taking place within the industry, and is proud to lead in a company that is dedicated to spreading that exact behavioral transformation worldwide.

Living abroad for most of his life, Rob has a honed perspective on just how challenging it is to establish effective communication in such a sophisticated industry. He and his wife Karin have traveled the world together with a strong thirst to make new friends and experience new cultures.

"Understanding what motivates people and drives their culture has always left me with a sense of satisfaction. In relation to our business, I honestly believe that learning what moves the most successful safety cultures, and recognizing these team behaviors, will lead to a far better oil & gas work environment."