HDD - High Definition Development

The Angelina Group is dedicated to helping your team move ahead with its vision of creating an organization which implements High Definition Development (HDD).

Based on our Fitness Check, we are able to help align the necessary components of HDD, engage the leadership team, and better understand how your people can move forward with HDD and organizational learning. High Definition Development will move any production or drilling program beyond the basic technical limit approach. When correctly implemented the organization successfully melds the philosophy of performance with safety management and the necessity of knowledge management and organizational learning. Your People become the drivers of setting up the road map, discovering innovation, process management, idea generation, and sharing.

Organizations have no choice but to reinvent themselves almost every year. To succeed, they will need individuals who delight in the unknown. They will provide opportunities to exercise responsibility, to learn from experience, to take risks and to gain satisfaction from results achieved and lessons learned. Above all, they will see learning not as a confession of ignorance but as the only way to live and do business. Your willingness to undertake this introspection is an indication that you will begin this reinvention of what is known as High Definition Development.

When HDD is put into place where, through learning, people continually re-perceive their world and their relationships to it, discovering how they create their reality and their future. HDD encourages the willingness for challenge, rewarding thinking not just the doing, performance expectations from all levels, providing growth opportunities, accepting and encouraging calculated mistakes. It makes use of the learning within individuals, encourages and rewards widespread and spontaneous learning, debate and flexibility for constant change. Your desire to praise those who take accountability as their duty rather than punish them for errors is a great first step.

HDD must be driven up in the organization, supported by leadership and be customer-focused. Service providers know and understand the clients business and their issues. Managers are asked to move from a ‘command and control’ function to become mentors, coaches and facilitators. They are expected to exhibit a new level of honesty, trust, communication and innovation. We will facilitate these relationships between your leaders, your employees and your customers.