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I just wanted to take a second and express my thanks for all that You, Jimmy, and Charlie have done for Triple S Trucking. This past Tuesday marked our first year of work without an OSHA recordable injury. We are currently sitting with a rolling TRIR of 0.0, and I can honestly say that we wouldn’t be here without all of the hard work of the Angelina Group. You guys are the greatest, thank you!! Butch Harmon, General Manager, Triple S Trucking, Aztec, New Mexico

I wanted to say thank you again to everyone for the great conversation and participation in today's Angelina Group meeting. My belief is that these type discussions, debates and informational sharing are key elements to getting us up to that next step. We have a lot of people at risk every day that are under our supervision and look to us for leadership. Recognizing opportunities that exist in your particular rig fleet or crews is the first step to providing the leadership that I saw today. When people talk about best in class efforts I would use today as an example of that. Patrick W. Bent, Manager, Implementation, ConocoPhillips Company

“At first I was very relunctant to believe that consultants could cause change we ourselves could not cause. But in under a year I have been completely convinced. We find the Angelina Group essential to achieving our company's goals.” Jason Sandel, Aztec Well Servicing, Aztec, New Mexico

"We could have reached this goal on our own, but not in such a timely or positive fashion had it not been for the help of The Angelina Group." Greg Drake, Drake Well Service, Farmington, New Mexico

“I had Angelina come down to Venezuela to help me bring the team together. On this project, we have American, Chinese, and Venezuelen. The team-building helped get this project back on track.”
Robert Hooper, Parsons ENC/SINOVENSA

“Culture is a barrier in some cases, and while helping American companies do business in the middle-east, we found that barrier existed. I used the Angelina Group to reduce the cultural barriers and allow us to do profitable business in the Arab world.” Maan Al Ubaidi, Topaz International Incorporated

“We got far more than we paid for. The Angelina Group went to our rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to assess our learning culture. Their assesment and recommendations were spot-on.” Drilling Manager, Major international drilling company

“When I wanted to reduce incidents and increase safety compliance in a critical asset, I called the Angelina Group. They put men in the field, built trust, and increased acceptance of our safety management system. Our numbers have improved.” Asset Manager, Major oil company

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